Books Related To Alan Ayckbourn

This page lists publications related to Alan Ayckbourn and his plays; the books contain reference to Alan Ayckbourn, his plays or his impact on theatre or are related to his most influential mentor Stephen Joseph. Click on an image to go to the relevant page at All purchases made from the shop help to support the website.

State Of
The Nation

Six Contemporary

Modern British
Playwriting: ‘60s

Modern British
Playwriting: ‘60s


Talking Theatre
(Kindle ebook)

Peggy: Margaret Ramsay, Play Agent

Peggy To Her Playwrights

Peggy To Her Playwrights

Putting It On:
Michael Codron biography

The National
Theatre Story

The National
Theatre Story (Kindle)

Dramatic Exchanges: Lives & Letters of NT

Dramatic Exchanges

Peter Hall's Diaries

Broadway Jeeves?

Unmasked: Andrew Lloyd Webber


The 101 Greatest Plays

One Night Stands

50 Modern &

Changing Stages

Lighting Techniques For In The Round

Theatre In
The Round

The Story Of The Playhouse In England

New Theatre Forms

Stacks Image 2516

The Origins Of The Potteries' Victoria Theatre

Key Changes: A Musical Memoir

Liza Goddard:

Elisabeth Sladen:

Theatre Voices

Questors, Jesters & Renegades