Alan Ayckbourn: Publications

The Publications section of the website provides details about the published editions of Alan Ayckbourn plays as well as books about the playwright.
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Publication News looks at recent and forthcoming Ayckbourn publications.

Plays offers details for all of Alan Ayckbourn's published plays.

Collections contains details of collected editions of Alan Ayckbourn's plays.

Digital offers a details of digital and ebook editions of Alan Ayckbourn's plays.

Ayckbourn Books offers details of books by and about Alan Ayckbourn.

General Books contains details of publications which relate to and reference Alan Ayckbourn.

Contributions: A listing of published articles and programme notes written by Alan Ayckbourn.

Unseen Ayckbourn: The website's exclusive look at the unproduced, unpublished and unwritten Ayckbourn plays.

Corrections: Corrections to printing errors and alterations to published editions of Alan Ayckbourn's plays.

Unpublished Plays has the publication status of currently unpublished Ayckbourn plays.

FAQ: Is an Ayckbourn play in print?

One of the most frequently asked questions to this website is whether a specific Ayckbourn play is in print and available. It is worth emphasising that if the play text has been published by Samuel French as an acting edition (the vast majority of Ayckbourn published plays), it is in print and available to buy. Samuel French Ltd keep all of the Ayckbourn plays in print and available from its website If you are unsure about whether a particular Ayckbourn play has been published, you can find a list of unpublished plays here and a complete list of Ayckbourn plays with performance rights details here.

Where can I buy plays by and publications about Alan Ayckbourn?

The complete collection of Alan Ayckbourn's published plays are kept constantly in print by Samuel French. A complete collection of Alan's published plays can be found through the Samuel French website shop at
The Ayckbourn Shop: Due to repeated requests to this website, there is now a shop with links to Alan Ayckbourn's published plays, books about the author and available adaptations of his plays in other media which are available on Amazon, click here to go to The Ayckbourn Shop.

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